Wednesday, July 13, 2011

THE COOL HWHIP: How I Earned 8 Heirlooms in 3 Days...

In just under a week, my first Guest Post will be appearing on (JMTC) and it’s another new #N4N series! I know my three readers are on the edge of their seat, eagerly awaiting the debut of:


The Cool H.W.H.I.P. is a little homage to our pal, Stewie Griffin, where I’ll occasionally blog about How/What Have I Played in recent days. This will be the type of post that appears on JMTC on 7/19, where I discuss how I’ve used a “system” of sorts to learn, and grow my WoW experience.

Today, I’ll be writing about how I got eight additional exp-granting heirlooms in just under three days.

It all began a few weeks ago when a guildmate posted a link in chat to a head-slot heirloom he wanted for his rogue. Unfortunately, all the additional exp-granting heirlooms are only available if your guild has reached Level 20. Seeing as how I created my guild on March 1st, and we are just about to reach Level 3, I sighed and sniffed away a tear as I wondered if I could reach Level 20 before the end of the Mayan Calendar (12.21.2012 for those not in “the know”).

Then, a light bulb…


I transferred Guildmaster to an alt of mine and removed my main, placing him in a Level 25 guild. I quickly noticed that I did NOT have to remove my Renowned Guild Tabard (which doubles guild rep gains) despite the fact that I had purchased it in my guild! I was excited that all my guild rep grinding would already take HALF the time I originally thought!

So, if you’re going to try this out, make SURE you purchase this (or the blue version, which grants 50% additional guild rep) BEFORE you defect to the other guild! You need to already have the rep, which enables you to purchase these items from your local guild vendor.


 The very first thing I did on Sunday was the dailies in Firelands and Tol Barad. Firelands, because it’s high on my list of prioirites; Tol Barad, because it grants guild rep gains in the 80s (I believe that was the area that granted the most per daily quest).

After Firelands/TB, I ran to Deepholm (around 1850 reputation w/Therazine) and Twilight Highlands (about 1500 reputation w/Wildhammer). Over the course of the three days, I noticed I would usually max my daily quests before finishing up in TH, so I always chose to kill Warlord Halthar instead of the Beer Run, because it granted more exp and guild rep.

I completed this cycle all three days.


The best part about making this three day run possible was the Thrall questline, which I had waited to complete (for some unknown reason) until this past weekend. Doing the Thrall questline in addition to my first day of dailies helped me achieve “friendly” status with the new guild in one day (3000 guild rep). I knew, at that rate, I could probably score the “honored” status by Wednesday at the latest.

As I said, the best part of the three day run was the Thrall questline, because it MADE ME REMEMBER: I never did the ZA/ZG questlines! Now, you might not get as excited as I did, but let me point this out to you: I happen to have already completed 100% of the Cataclysm quests (trying to grind exp for my guild), so I initially thought I’d have to suck it up and go to Northrend to complete more quests.


I tried, unsuccessfully, to jump into heroic ZG one night because I knew heroic quests would grant me more guild rep than going to Northrend for green level quests. My ZG effort didn’t work because I’ve never been there, and the DBs I grouped with decided to jump ship the moment I mentioned I was new to the heroic, leaving me alone to get destroyed by the first mob.

Normal dungeons do not grant any guild rep gains.


My guildmate decided only to get one head and one back heirloom from his ventures; this due largely to his lack of a bankroll and love for PVP. I, however, wanted to plan on building my arsenal of alts, and knew I NEVER wanted to do this three-day run again! Therefore, I bought the head/back heirlooms for cloth, leather (agility) and two plate versions, both for Tank and DPS.

**IMPORTANT: I bought all the items from the Guild Vendor in Stormwind, where I have the highest discount because of my reputation, there. I think the 1200G items were discounted to 1050G if memory serves me correctly. I first projected I would spend about 15K if I bought ALL the heirlooms and got away with only spending about 9K.


Through dailies and quests, I averaged close to 1000G a day in immediate earnings from kills, quests, and sales of vendor trash. Daily, I turned that 1000G into material purchases for my Tailoring. This turned out to be the PERFECT time for this three-day run, since, for three days I was the ONLY ONE ON THE AH SELLING EMBERSILK BAGS! In three days, I sold 12K worth of Embersilk Bags.

After purchasing all my heirlooms and DOUBLE-CHECKING that I did not want to purchase anything else before leaving the guild, I moved my main back to my guild.

Three days: 12K profit from sales; 8 new heirlooms; 1 happy Imperiexo…



    In-game: you can view the extra exp-granting heirlooms by selecting the "rewards" tab when viewing your guild page.

    Out-of-game: the complete list of Guild Rewards can be seen at

    Some of the heirlooms are available at Guild Level 10, others at 20. All heirlooms require honored.

  2. Great article, I really enjoyed reading it. I really like your blog, it is very interesting and well put together, I think I will be visiting often. I am now leveling my third alt, a Worgen Druid, so far I have her outfitted in 3 heirlooms, head, cape, shoulders, and a mace, so 4 then. It would be great if I could get her level to 85 really fast, right now she is a level 30. I am one of those weird folks who does not like leveling at all. In fact I just hate it, I would rather be in the Auction house trading and building up my stash of wow gold. I am currently raiding on my main a holy paladin, with ret as my off spec.

  3. Thank you! You are very kind! Despite a small hiatus (I'm moving this weekend), I will be returning to writing a new post soon! I'm so glad people are finding my blogging helpful! Let me know if there is anything specific you would like me to try and target in a post for you! Please feel free to subscribe/follow with Google Friend Connect to receive future posts automatically! :)