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Tuesday, July 26, 2011


MOVING IS STRESSFUL! I haven’t been able to sign on to WoW for more than a ten-minute scan while I run around my apartment like a chicken with its head cut off. I almost had a meltdown, this morning, when I could not locate my work shoes! Fear not, followers; I found the shoes (and my sanity)!

I was able to remain a little connected to WoW and the Auction House while I was moving, thanks in large part to the WoW Mobile App for Android.

Thanks to this app and my email notifications from The Undermine Journal, I was able to procure several of my favorite gold-flip items and make some profit while I was not logged in for three days! I’m happy to tell you exactly how I did it, however; I’m going to say “stack of bandages” in case any readers are on my server! Sorry…I like this flip a bit too much to reveal its identity but will tell you how I do it and how you can with other items that will quickly become your favorite!

Heading over to The Undermine Journal, you can create a profile using your Google Account. Once you do this and select your main server, you can look up and item and (scrolling down) set up email notifications whenever that item is listed below your price threshold.

My favorite, the “stack of bandages,” usually sells for 6500G. When I was just beginning to build my bankroll, I set the threshold for email notifications at any listing under 1000G so I would only purchase the “stack of bandages” when someone posted them extremely low.

Getting the email from TUJ and popping open the WoW Mobile App can be done rather quickly, with patience and practice. In addition, I have my “search” option in the app defaulted at “stack of bandages;” the app will remember the last item you search for, so, if you don’t change it—or remember to revert back—you’ll always have instant purchasing access to your item.

When I first started this flip, I could accomplish this “stack of bandages” purchase (even with an authenticator and long, difficult password) within minutes of receiving the TUJ notification email.

Earning 5500G profit per item is a great way to build your bankroll, wouldn’t you say? Over time, I was able to raise my threshold as my bankroll grew to include any “stacks of bandages” that would post under 5000G.

In the beginning of my bankroll building days, I wouldn’t look at the 5000G listing but now that I can afford to, making 1500G profit from a gold-flip sounds like a pretty good deal, no?

How do you set yourself up for your favorite gold-flips? Do you utilize TUJ? The Remote App? Other methods?

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  1. I've always been a bit afraid to flip items, I occasionally will look auctioneer's resale search, but most the items that show up I just usually end up thinking yeah right, someone would pay so much more for that junk item? Well its junk to me anyways.