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Thursday, August 4, 2011


Now that my second alt has FINALLY reached Level 75, it is time to max another profession (I have already max'd Tailoring and Enchanting on my 85 main).

I decided to choose Jewelcrafting and Mining, despite not wanting to make this specific alt my "fastest flying" (310% speed).

My thoughts behind this are that Jewelcrafting will be the easiest to incorporate into the ring of professions I am currently utilizing.

First, disenchanting items I create with JC enables me to profit by (a) making scrolls or (b) supplying myself with mats for JC.

Second, mining and JC will allow me to prepare for the upcoming Patch 4.3, in which Epic Gems are slated to be incorporated into the game. Rumor has it they may be coming even soon, so, I didn't want to miss this year's version of "Gem-mas."

What are your thoughts on pairing professions? Do you try to incorporate your max'd professions in order to become a more efficient goldmaker? What pairs work best for you? What are your favorites?

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