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Sunday, June 19, 2011


Seeing as the majority of the blogs I follow are written for the WoW gamer that has several, if not all, professions max’d, people are surprised at how well I’ve done at building my bankroll with only one Level 85 Main currently at my disposal.

The trick has been developing a smart rotation to ensure I’m not wasting anything and that I’m gaining as much gold as I can by utilizing what I know and have learned, so far. I always try and find the smartest way to do something, which, fortunately, seems to always be the most valuable.

Beginning at the beginning…


Grab any class/race you feel comfortable leveling with and feel that you can play without getting bored for 55 levels. Your short-term goal, here, is to level to the point you can create a Death Knight—my recommended main of choice as your first Level 85. My choice for 1-55 was rolling with a Paladin. In my opinion, Paladins are the best class to level up to 55: they wear mail and plate armor; they can heal themselves, and are capable of both melee and ranged damage.


I feel that the Death Knight is a perfect choice for your first main for many of the same reason as a Paladin. First of all, Death Knights are awesome! There’s a reason they are the Hero class! They wear the best armor and have many talents at their disposal (ranged and melee). They do a lot of damage and have tons of different styles you can play them. They are very easy to level to the 85 cap for your first time.


Once you’ve tinkered around with skinning, mining and herb gathering, it’s time for you to settle down and do something with all that cloth you’ve been accumulating! Time to throw your machismo out the window and become a Tailor (Yes, you make pretty dresses)! Tailoring is one of the smartest first-time professions to grab because it requires you to do little more than you normally do when you quest, which is loot! Cloth is the only “freebie” material. Skins are a close second but require you to skin NPCs you’ve killed. Mineral and herb nodes must be found, first, and then farmed.

Tailoring is a brilliant profession because it allows you to practice the small-time task of bag-making. By creating a routine where you buy the materials, create the bags, sell them on the AH, rinse, repeat; you will prepare yourself to take on lengthier and more difficult professions later on down the road. It will give you experience watching and learning market trend patterns for two main sellable items (Netherweave and Embersilk are the easiest starter bags to sell). Practicing this routine of becoming your server’s premiere bag-maker will teach you tools you will benefit from greatly later on and get your bankroll flowing.


For my second profession, I chose to become an enchanter. I love disenchanting the BOE items I loot and selling chunks of enchanting mats on the market for tons of gold. In addition, the benefit to enchanting my own 85 main so I don’t have to troll the trade channel and hope someone doesn’t steal my mats or screw me on pricing. Once you build up a rotation of alts you are playing, you will constantly have things to send to your Enchanter (to Disenchant) since that is typically more profitable than vending or auctioning BOE items that aren’t rare. In addition, once you begin leveling other professions (Blacksmithing and Jewelcrafting, for example), you will create plenty of items you won’t want to vend or auction—you’ll want to disenchant the lot of them and sell the chunks of mats on the AH. Trust me.

So to begin with, you will:

-          LEVEL from 1 to 55 (I recommend a Paladin)
-          LEVEL your first MAIN 55-85 (DK)

Using the model above, you will no doubt begin earning money as a bag-maker. Just don’t make the mistake of selling your bags for less than the cost of materials! Once you hit the level cap (or Level 75, at which point you can max a profession) you can truly sink your teeth into the WoW economy and begin creating your own daily routine.


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