Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Now that you have begun roaming around Azeroth, it is time to hit the epiphany of realization: you constantly need to be learning and will never stop learning in WoW.

I’m confused… you may think, what, where and how am I supposed to learn about the ever-changing, always-evolving world of Warcraft?

Relax… We are excited to introduce the beginning of another #N4N series; “How Do I Keep Learning Warcraft?”

Just for fun, we are going to combine the introduction of this series with another edition of our previous series: “Top 5,” with the TOP 5 FREE RESOURCES TO LEARN WoW.

2.       DUGI'S LEVELING GUIDE (free for levels 1-20)

                Okay, so a tremendous amount does not need to be said about this fantastic resource. It is (obviously) Blizzard’s OFFICIAL site for everything World of Warcraft. The site was recently redone (around the time Cataclysm dropped in December of 2011) and is sleek and well-designed. This is your one-stop shop for anything related to your account, game subscriptions (payments) and services.

                Dugi has developed a fantastic add-on and he offers a FREE download of his Leveling Guide (Levels 1-20!) for all races/classes. It will help you learn that certain quests should not always be turned in ASAP. Dugi’s guide assists you by showing you the smartest route to take while questing to minimize your time wandering around aimlessly. He has many more guides purchasable through his site, for both Alliance and Horde, including dungeon guides, profession guides, and dailies & achievement guides. In my opinion, the best in-game resource for Newbies.

                This website is a fantastic resource for those who are attempting to level their professions but are not sure which items to craft, how many of them, and if that is the best choice to level efficiently. has easy guides for leveling both gathering and production professions. Very easy to read and understand. Hyperlinks make it even easier to manage.

                Okay! So, now we are talking! You are ready for the world of Warcraft bloggers! In my opinion, your first blog follow should be JMTC and an important reason is because this site is not just a WoW Gold Blog, it’s a community (in fact, that’s their tagline)! It is a well-constructed resource of some of the top blog writers in the gaming community. You can sign up for Daily Gold-Making Tips, read through a vast archive of posts, and much, much more…including the 20K Leveling Guide! But we’ll save that for another post…go experience the community, first!

                So you’re finally dipping into the hardcore! Okay, not really, but you’re curious about price patterns and how much gold you might just get for that rare drop. The Undermine Journal, to me, was at first a fantastic resource to find out how much I should be paying for items and what prices I should sell my items for on the Auction House (AH). Beyond that is the ability to set up notifications for yourself, so TUJ will send you an email to let you know the item you want is on your realm’s market. Thirdly, I began to notice their main page (once you set your realm as default) is a frequently-updated host of posts from some of the other notable WoW bloggers, such as Power Word: Gold, Auction House Addict or Altos Goldish Advice.  When you’re ready to dip into more blogs than just JMTC, this is a great one-stop-shop for the best and brightest bloggers currently out there, or check out any of the three prominent bloggers I linked just above.

So, there you are! Our first “How Do I Keep Learning Warcraft?” post by showing you a few fantastic free resources to satiate your hunger for more Warcraft. As always, if you wish to go ahead of what I am writing, I have mentioned several by-product resources (Dugi has purchasable in-game guides via addon; JMTC has THE best gold-leveling guide available, 20K Leveling) you are more than welcome to check out on your own before I write about them.

Either way, get out and get learning! You’ve got so much to learn, young grasshopper…



  1. Good stuff - keep up the good work!

  2. Thanks for the read, Mageshadow! Much appreciated!