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Sunday, June 12, 2011


Now that you are in the wide world of Azeroth, have you noticed there are things you should be avoiding?

There are the NPCs (Non-Player Character) that have the fear-instilling “skull & crossbones” in their level notification area, indicating that if you enter battle, you’re sure to be killed. There are Horde camps (or Alliance camps, if you roll a Horde toon) that have guards that will snuff you out if you venture in their proximity. And then there is real life…

#N4N is excited to release our first “TOP 5” blog post!!!

1.       HACKERS
2.       NINJAS
5.       DBs


Blizzard will NEVER ask for your password information, or, for you to “reconfirm your account information.” I have been mid-quest when a whisper (PST) from “BlizardEntertanement” said I had to click a link and re-enter my info. ALWAYS be cautious of people that send you in-game whispers telling you your account is in trouble. If you receive an email, make SURE it is from an acceptable address (such as or blizzard) and not just a phishing scam.


Some gamers only desire is to attempt to beg, steal and trick others into giving them things. I think of it as the WoW versions of con-artists and panhandlers. We call them “ninjas.”

I have been approached (via PST) by gamers admittedly running around Stormwind (SW), asking “got a couple gold you can spare me?” who make a few hundred gold an hour doing so.

Or you call out on the trade channel for a blacksmith… You get a response, fly to meet them, give them your materials (to craft the item for you) and watch them fly off, leaving only laughter behind them.

My personal favorite is when someone joins my guild and immediately deposits 200G (G=Gold). A few minutes later, I get a PST asking for access to withdraw from the guild bank (GB). They say it was a mistake, or they deposited mats and need them back. They are simply trying to lure me into granting them access to empty out my ENTIRE GB. Fortunately, I’m very protected against this, and have made almost 1000G after four different ninjas tried this out on me.


If you have not seen someone spamming your chat box with a gold-selling site or promotion, you have not figured out where your chat box is located (lower-left, dude). My advice is to NEVER, EVER buy gold from a gold-selling site. There are MILLIONS of ways to make easy gold starting from Level 1. Just follow a few blogs or spend some time on Google. Do you really want to support prisoners playing WoW in China?


A site will offer to log into your account and power-level your brand new toon all the way up to Level 85 for you (or offer some other do-it-for-you service).  Often, a site like this will leave a backdoor into your account without your knowing. A few months later, you’ve been playing a power-leveled toon amassing TONS of gold and materials and are feeling pretty good! Until, that is, you sign on to realize the site used their backdoor to empty ALL your gold and sell it to someone else (and now you’ve ended up funding a gold-selling site by paying a power-leveling site).


With 11.5-12 million subscriptions, there are BOUND to be Douchebags!

I’ve been attacked by members of a guild with a (formerly) similar name to my own guild and was harassed daily & nightly by their members until I went off the radar by asking Blizzard to allow for a renaming of my guild.

As I said before, chat with people and just realize that there ARE people in Azeroth who enjoy the game by harassing, tricking and stealing from others.

Thankfully, most of the people you will run into will probably not fit into this mold, but; a few will…

Now that you’re more aware, it is less likely they will be able to ruin your gaming experience.


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