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I began playing World of Warcraft in the Fall of 2008 while living a year away from home in the sand and casino-filled city of sin, Las Vegas, Nevada.

I made the decision to invest in World of Warcraft after finding out that a shot of Patron in a Vegas bar cost me fifteen dollars—before tip. I quickly realized I would run out of money if I was going out every night to either a bar or a casino.

I read that World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King was a few months from hitting the stores, checked out a trailer on YouTube, and I was sold.

I began the fall by playing through a number of toons across a number of races and classes, trying to figure out what I liked best (in all seriousness, I still have not determined a favorite). I ended up selecting a female paladin, Sylarbuffy, who looked like Sarah Michelle Gellar and rolled onward throughout the winter, spring and summer until I reached my first goal of hitting Level 55 to unlock the hero class of Death Knights. Ironically, I moved back home just days after hitting Level 55, so my quest of creating a Death Knight would have to wait a year.

I resumed playing WoW in the Fall of 2010 while experiencing a bout of unemployment. I finally had the chance to create my Death Knight (DK), Imperiexo. I spent all my time focused intently on leveling Imperiexo. I wanted to go after the Lich King! Little did I know, that required a tremendous amount to be done before that would ever be possible! With the Cataclysm expansion looming on the horizon, I spent my time driving to Level 85.

Since hitting Level 85 this past winter, I have moved servers to join a real-life friend (I had no idea he played) and started a guild. Taking on the role of a Guild Master (GM) is really what open the floodgates for my personal immersion into the ever-expanding world of WoW.

Suddenly, there was pressure to learn at an alarming rate and because of my passion for the game, I took it all in. I scanned gold guides, followed popular gold blogs and even created a Twitter account for the sole purpose of following WoW-related content. It became almost ritualistic; turn on the morning news, grab my coffee and check the daily blog posts and Twitter feeds.

In the last month, I have really felt as if I have unlocked some great “WoW Methodology” as to how to begin building my empire. In the last two months, I have made about 50K gold (over 25K profit) and begun leveling my alts and professions in what I believe are a sensible order. My guild is leveling well, hitting the Level 2 mark recently and is moving towards Level 3 at a nice rate.

Now that I am focused and am heading into the task of leveling my alts to 85 using my strategies, I thought it was a good time to begin detailing how I am doing things.

I will tell you that I am a casual player (despite what my fiancée thinks) who has no interest in raiding (at the moment). I have very focused goals for myself and my guild. I plan on learning at a pace that is not overwhelming while I continue to GM my guild.

They say “Take everything in moderation…even World of Warcraft,” and that is exactly what I invite you to do with me. I invite you to avoid getting burnt out by attempting to ingest mass quantities of the game at once! I invite you to read what I have written—what I feel is “up-to-date WoW content for the not so up-to-date WoW player”—and to set out on your journey to discover what I already have, and much, much more!


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